More buses!


What a few days I have had!!

Monday 22nd July - Audition for a TV show.

Mon to Sat - Perform at the Lowry Theatre (1800 seats!!) in Salford Quays, Manchester.

Thurs evening - Producer calls to say “Sorry the show is not going to the West End”. No big surprise there, we had pretty much all figured that out by now, but still a little sad to hear.

Fri lunchtime - Agent calls to tell me that I got the TV job.

Fri afternoon - In a daze. Have a drink.

Fri night/ Sat morning - can’t sleep a wink.

Sat night - Last performance of Crown Matrimonial. I manage to put the tea trolley in the right place for once and Patricia seems happy! Come off stage at 10.20pm

Sat 11pm get in my car (dragged Rufus with me to keep me awake) and drive to London.

Sun morning 3.30am - arrive back at flat. Unpack. Pack. Find passport.

Sun 4.30am - Taxi take me to Heathrow.

Sun 6.50am - Fly to Warsaw. Catch maybe 10mins sleep on plane.

Sun 11am - Arrive at TV studios in Warsaw. Meet director (Greg), actor (Pzemek) and 2 actresses (Marieta and Roxanna). 5 mins of small talk, then 3 HOURS OF SALSA DANCE REHEARSAL.

Sun 2.30pm - Arrive at hotel. Reckon I have slept for around 10 mins in 78 hours. Try and stay awake so as not to wake up at 3am and then be tired for filming in the afternoon.

Sun 8pm - Give up staying awake.

Mon 9am - Wake, shower, breakfast, taxi, film ALL DAY.

Mon 7pm - Back to hotel. Go to German restaurant next door. Bad schnitzel.

Tues 8am - Fly back to Blighty.

What a mad world I live in!!!

Have a look at the ‘Londoners’ link on my front page for info about the show!