Apr 2007

Poets and Bards

...well, The Last Nightingale is now the play that was...and Much Ado About Nothing is the next big thing.

Nightingale was a success, we all had a good time and sadly I can no longer hear some of the wonderful comments I got know oh so well during the run - "Can I just cut it?", "What's the next f*****g scene?", "I think I'll walk home over Hamstead Heath tonight" and the every day classic "Is he gay?"

Lady Godiva is now finished, I saw a screening of it a couple of weeks ago, and it was great. Fingers crossed it will appear on our cinema screens at the end of the year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

There may be some other career developments bubbling under the surface, and there may well be some news soon, but for now it must remain hush hush so I don't jinx it!!