Aug 2005

Its like buses

Just like buses, you wait ages and then three come at once.

After several months of not doing any acting work (not through want of trying!), I have just been offered 3 jobs in the space of two days.

So...if you want to come down to the White Bear Theatre (Kennington) between September 5th and 25th, you will be able to see Dominic as 'Hugh' in a new play by Alastair Trevill called 'LODGERS'.

I will be filming a feature film for Celestial Pictures between mid September and November called 'Badinage' - a tale of 5 poets in and artless world; directed by Oliver Harrrison.

I was asked to re-join Theatre in Trust, with their production of Alan Bennet's 'Habeus Corpus' (after a successful production of 'Oh Clarence!' last year). Sadly, I had to turn down this offer, as it would have clashed with 'Lodgers' and Badinage.