Dr Dom

Well..more like Diva Designer Dom!!

If you watch BBC1 at 1.45pm on Wed 2nd November, you will see Dominic playing the brilliantly named ‘Rocky Kelly’ on Doctors!

Please concentrate on the awesome belt Rocky is sporting!!!


Best job in the world?

Well, I think I may have just done the best job in the world!

It was called ‘Magic Grandad’ and was about a Grandad taking his grandchildren back in time to meet important people from history. In my episode, he takes them back to meet me! I play the Reverand David Railton, the man credited with coming up with the idea for the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey.

It was filmed in Westminster Abbey and at the Lichfield family pile in Staffordshire - Shugborough.

Everyone was lovely, the job was fun, Sam Kelly (who plays the Grandad) was a gent to work with and the kids were a blast!

It should be on BBC2 sometime in April or May, stay tuned for more updates!



Well, Londoners (or Londynczycy as it is Polish) got 6 million viewers for its first episode last month. With a population of 40 million, thats 1 in 6 people in Poland that watched it!

Not bad huh??!!

Anyway, we’re a few weeks in now and some of my stuff has been broadcast. Here’s a clip of my first big scene (I appear about 15 seconds into the clip)!!


PS I heard this week, that it looks like I’m coming back for the second series!! YAY! Watch this space for more info.
PPS If you are a Polish girl - the views of the dashing young Englishman in this clip, do not necessarily reflect my own! Winking


The Polish Invasion

Londoners premieres TODAY in Poland!!

It’s been a wild ride and great fun! I’ve got 2 or 3 more days filming before I’m done for Series 1 (no word yet on whether S2 will happen, or if they’ll want me back...fingers crossed).

I went to a press conference in Warsaw a couple of weeks ago. It was mad! There were photographers everywhere and I was pretty bowled over by it all.

Here I am with various cast members, facing 20 - 30 photographers with flashes...it’s fortunate I am not epileptic otherwise these would have been the last photos ever taken of me!

Stayed tuned for more exciting ‘Londynczycy’ news...!


More buses!


What a few days I have had!!

Monday 22nd July - Audition for a TV show.

Mon to Sat - Perform at the Lowry Theatre (1800 seats!!) in Salford Quays, Manchester.

Thurs evening - Producer calls to say “Sorry the show is not going to the West End”. No big surprise there, we had pretty much all figured that out by now, but still a little sad to hear.

Fri lunchtime - Agent calls to tell me that I got the TV job.

Fri afternoon - In a daze. Have a drink.

Fri night/ Sat morning - can’t sleep a wink.

Sat night - Last performance of Crown Matrimonial. I manage to put the tea trolley in the right place for once and Patricia seems happy! Come off stage at 10.20pm

Sat 11pm get in my car (dragged Rufus with me to keep me awake) and drive to London.

Sun morning 3.30am - arrive back at flat. Unpack. Pack. Find passport.

Sun 4.30am - Taxi take me to Heathrow.

Sun 6.50am - Fly to Warsaw. Catch maybe 10mins sleep on plane.

Sun 11am - Arrive at TV studios in Warsaw. Meet director (Greg), actor (Pzemek) and 2 actresses (Marieta and Roxanna). 5 mins of small talk, then 3 HOURS OF SALSA DANCE REHEARSAL.

Sun 2.30pm - Arrive at hotel. Reckon I have slept for around 10 mins in 78 hours. Try and stay awake so as not to wake up at 3am and then be tired for filming in the afternoon.

Sun 8pm - Give up staying awake.

Mon 9am - Wake, shower, breakfast, taxi, film ALL DAY.

Mon 7pm - Back to hotel. Go to German restaurant next door. Bad schnitzel.

Tues 8am - Fly back to Blighty.

What a mad world I live in!!!

Have a look at the ‘Londoners’ link on my front page for info about the show!